For hundreds of years indigenous people of North America have been experimenting with clay, utilizing its substance, for beauty and function. Coming from such a background I have been combing the ideals, of passion, apprenticeship and patience in creating hand built decorative pottery. The method is antiquated, laborious and rewarding, resulting in pottery that are unique in their own special way. The coiling method of pottery is what I choose, without the use of a modern day potters wheel, I am able to make pots that are light in weight yet captures the concept of symmetry and form. Each pot is hand burnished giving the surface a smooth finish allowing the paint to flow effortlessly across the surface. Patterns and designs are as limitless as the human imagination, spanning the globe each culture can be represented through their own unique patterns and designs. Inspired by these patterns from various cultures, in conjunction with my own Native American background, I hand paint each piece free hand using no stencils , orchestrating inspired patterns across the surface, hoping to capture something fresh and innovative. The isolated moments of the hand painting process are a revelation of beauty and design giving each piece its own individuality. Exposure to extreme violent forces of fire, are the final ingredient that results in pottery that will be an everlasting work of art.

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Fullerton, CA, United States
I am a Native American from the Navajo and Pueblo of Isleta people from New Mexico. I currently reside in Fullerton CA and I am freelance artist I practice in the mediums of Ceramics, painting, drawing and music. However i am most proficient in ceramics and pottery making.

Plates on Panels

Everyonce in a while when I am not making a pot or painting a picture or what have you, I will get in the mood, to make a plate, while I have made many in the past, I dont make too many of them.  A couple of years ago a friend of mine ask me to make her some plates as christmas gifts to her friends and coworkers.  The plates were not that big about seven inches wide, but she wanted a different simple hand painted design on each one, which I agreely and happily facilitated to her request. After all the plates were done, we laid them out on the table, my girlfriend at the time said, "these would look really interesting as an installation piece" yeah they would, was my response, as I looked at them the wheels began to turn, as they do every now and then.  So the ideas manifested in work, and after a couple of months and two unsuccessful attempts the following pieces emerged.

"Flowers" 25 individually handbuilt handpainted plates mounted onto a 32 x 32 painted wood panel.  1700.00

up close of "Flowers"

alternative view of "Flowers"
"Transitions" 30 handbuilt, handpainted plates using Micaceous and Earthenware white clay, mounted onto a  40 x 32 painted wood panel.   2300.00

up close view "Transitions"

side view of "Transitions"

"5 Steps" 5 handbuilt handpainted plates mounted onto a  12 x 42  painted wood panel, for that odd space on the wall.  sold

up close of "15 Steps"

up close "15 Steps"

"Seasons Bloom" 20 handbuilt handpainted plates mounted on a 32 x 24 painted wood panel 1300.00

side view of "Seasons Bloom"

"Fresca Plates" 3 lowfire white earthenware plates 1ht x 13dia with black and green underglaze
mounted on a destressed wood panel with fresca bottle caps
23 x 47.5 $1100.00
"Four Corners Blue Plates" 4 lowfire white earthenware plates 1ht x 7dia with black and blue underglaze
mounted onto a painted wooden panel 17 x 17 $300.00
"Evolving Mocha Plates" 4 Mocha brown clay plates 1ht x 10dia with black underglaze mounted onto
a painted wooden panel with Guitar tone and volume knobs and fresca bottle caps
24 x 24 $650.00

close up of "Seasons Bloom"